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Revised By Committee December 1, 2014

Our Junior Ranking System will award points for the top 32 finishers in every Viking Tour Ranking Event.

Our Year End National Rankings will be based on a Team's top two results. In addition, we have added an Individual National Ranking for Junior Players based on each player's top two individual results.

Ranking points will be awarded at all Viking Ranking Events.
Points awarded will be based on the number of teams entered in each age group.
The point system for Junior Rankings for 2014-2015 season is as follows.

If an age group ranking event has 5 teams or more, the following points will be rewarded:

Winners 20 points
Finalists 16 points
Semi Finalist 12 points
5th Place 10 points
6th Place 9 points
7th & 8th 8  points
9th Place 7 points
10th Place 6 points
11/12 5 points
13-16 4 points
17-32 2 points

If an age group ranking event has 3 or 4 teams, points awarded will be based on the following :

Winners 12 points
Finalists 10 points
Third Place 7 points
Fourth Place 5 points

If there are only one or two boys or girls teams signed up for an age group event, the tournament director will place them in an appropriate bracket either in the same age group or up one age group. Ranking Points will be awarded to these teams as determined by the APTA JR Ranking Committee. 

APTA Nationals:

Winners 40 points
Finalists 32 points
Semi Finalists 24 points
5th Place 20 points
6th Place 18 points
7th & 8th 16  points
9th Place 14 points
10th Place 12 points
11/12 10 points
13-16 8 points
17-32     4 points
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