Region I News 2011-2012

New Jersey Women's State Tournament Video

League president Patsy Clew captures the spirit of the tournament. More

NJ Men
NJ Men Celebrate Nine National Champions

Congratulations to the talents of the NJMPTA. More

Maplewood Patch
NJ Men Play Inaugural Municipal Event

Maplewood Patch covers success for Maplewood players. More

Red Zone Champs
Johan du Randt and Mark Parsons Win Red Zone Invitational

Jordan Snider and Mickey Brzov conquer the club draw at the "Winner Take All, $1K" tournament. More

Worth & Barrow Capture 60+ Mixed National Title

The tournament also includes a 70+ Just for Fun event. More

Estes & O'Donnell Win NJ State Men's 60+

They defeated Ucko & Harlow in the final. More

Wright and Mangan Take Gold at Nassau

It was Tonia Mangan's fourth national championship and Rusty Wright's third. More

Mike Hanna & Mike O’Donnell Repeat at Men’s 70+ Nationals

Joe Holmes and Roy Anderson repeat as the finalists. More

Scott Estes & Lloyd Ucko Triumph at Men’s 60+ Nationals

Estes wins his second National title this year. More

Mike Gillespie & Ron Erskine Triunph at Men’s 50+ Nationals

Tim McAvoy and Scott Bondurant put up a dogfight. More

Bob Brown and Doug Barrow win the 145+ Men’s Nationals

In the largest field in any men’s senior event, Bob Brown wins his 21st Nationals title. More

Lauren Zink and Cindy Prendergast - 2012 APTA Women's National Champions

Congratulations to Cindy & Lauren. They defeated Liz Jaffee and Lisa Rudloff 6-1, 6-3 in the final. More

Chris Gambino and Drew Broderick - 2012 APTA Men's National Champions

Congratulations to Drew & Chris. They defeated Johan du Randt and Matt Porter 7-6, 6-3 in the final. More

Bobo Delaney and Judy Takach Remain the 40+ Women’s National Champions

A repeat title for Delaney /Takach, who are also fresh off of a 50+ Women’s Nationals win. More

Weather Runs the Gamut at Men’s 45+/55+/65+ Nationals

Mike Atkinson and John Milbank fought off last year's winners in the Men’s 45+; Jim Kaufman and Bob Kleinert powered up at the Men’s 55+; Doug Barrow and Scott Estes captured the Men’s 65+. More

Diane Straus Tucker and Muffin Slonaker Capture 60+ Championship

It's the second for both but the first together. More

New York Times Story
The New York Times Covers Platform Tennis

Reporter Fred Bierman takes a lesson at the West Side Tennis Club. More

Bobo Delaney and Judy Takach Repeat as the APTA Women's 50+ National Champions.

Everyone enjoyed two perfect paddle days and a cordial and friendly atmosphere at Fox Meadow Tennis Club. More

Big Daddy Cup
Region I Wins the Mother of All Grudge Matches –The Big Daddy Cup

Region II lost the Big Daddy Cup to Region I by one stinking match. More

Short Hills Invitational PCQ/NRT Is Long on Talent

Cynthia Dardis and Amy Shay capture their third NRT tournament title this season. Mike Cochrane and Scott Estes win in a three-set masterpiece. More

APTA Junior Nationals
2012 Junior Nationals—Chockfull of Talent

The courts were filled with repeat winners and plenty of up-and-coming talent. More

Rochester Welcomes the New York States Mixed Open

In the biggest draw yet at the NY States Mixed, Kelly Brown and Miguel Cobbs take home the honors. More

Jersey Shore Juniors Play on Warm January Day

In 65 degree weather almost 60 juniors were out in shorts and t-shirts for a fun afternoon of paddle. More

Long Island Invitational Winers
A Different Look at the Long Island Men’s Invitational

Winners Johan du Randt and Mark Parsons dazzled the crowd on site and on-line. More

LI Invitational Winners
An Insider’s Look at the Long Island Women’s Invitational

A riveted spectator reports on the event, which Kerri Delmonico and Cindy Prendergast won with grace, precision and tenacity. More

President's Cup Standings
Current President's Cup Standings

Region I Women

November Brings New York State Women’s A Tournament

In the A-list final Keri Flynn and Susan Tarzian beat out Lisa Rudloff and Liz Jaffe in a hard-fought three-setter. More

Sound Shore Invitational
Sound Shore Invitational Results Reverse 2011 Nationals

In a reversal of last year’s Nationals outcome, Johan du Randt and Matt Porter took down tournament chair Mark Parsons and Mike Stulac in a three-setter, 6-2, 4-6, 6-0. More

Another Fruitful Tournament at the Women’s Orange Lawn PCQ

Shauna Muller and Stacy Stephens beat Carolyn Cutler and Lucia Drumgould to win this longstanding eastern shore tournament. More

2012 APTA Nationals Merchandise
Shop for 2012 APTA Nationals Merchandise

LIPTA, in conjunction with hosting the 2012 APTA National Championships, is offering a full range of paddle/casual clothing. Sales support the tournament. Store

Wild Weather at The Shore Cure

During the Halloween storm that shut down much of the East Coast, the Shore Cure played on, with an entertaining pro event as well as women’s and men’s tournaments. More

Noyes-Atkinson Nab Season's First Title

In the first tournament on the APTA calendar, Andrea Noyes and Mike Atkinson won the 2011 War at the Shore Mixed. More

APTA Realigns Regions

The APTA Board has realigned regions to eliminate confusion and aid in expanding the sport. More

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