Region III News 2007-2008

The 2008 Philly Open Hands Out $23,500 in Prize Money

FEBRUARY 23 & 24, 2008

Was it the $23,500 in prize money presented by Dave Marvin from Marvin Palmer Associates, the Philadelphia hospitality, the phenomenal competition, or just a chance to play with greatness that drew over 100 combined men’s and women’s teams from throughout the paddle community?

The 2008 Philadelphia Open was blessed with some awesome weather, as the first significant snowstorm of the year cleared out on Friday in time to create perfect conditions for paddle. The tournament drew most of the top teams from around the country and also pulled in the best competition that the Philly area could muster.

The highlight for the Region III players had to be Philly’s own Scott Falatek and Todd Marvin defeating the #3 seeds and former national champions Chris Gambino and David Ohlmuller in a thrilling 3-6, 6-1, 6-3 in the round of 16’s. The quarters did not treat the #1 or #2 seeds any better. The team of John Milbank and Drew Broderick defeated the #1 seed David Caldwell and Blake Cordish in convincing fashion. The #2 seeded team of Mike Cochrane and Scott Mansager also lost in the quarters as they ran into a very hot team of Mike Stulac and Mike Marino.

After an evening of eating, drinking, and rest on Saturday night, the skies turned extremely sunny and the winds were calm setting up a perfect morning for the completion of the tournament. The team of Marino and Stulac got off to a torrid start and ran off with the first set over Alex Bancila and Brad Easterbrook 6-0. In the second set, Bancila and Easterbrook slowed down the tempo and evened up the match with a score of 7-5. The third set played exactly like the first with the team of Marino and Stulac winning 6-0, giving them a shot at the first prize check.

The other semi-final featured the remaining highest seed (#4) of Anthony Cosimano and Steve Haller paring up against Broderick and Millbank who were fresh off their victory the day before against the #1 seed. This match proved to be too much for Broderick and Millbank, who never seemed to be in the same groove as the day prior. Cosimano and Haller ran off with the match in straight sets setting up their shot at the title and prize money.

The match started off with a bang as the third point featured a pulverizing overhead by Marino catching a retreating Cosimano square on the thigh which set the tone that blitzing the Marino overhead was not going to work today. Marino’s torso seeking overhead caught various parts of Cosimano at least three more times throughout the match. Stulac and Marino were on fire as they took the fist six games of the match to win the first set 6-0. Just when everyone thought it was safe to go into their cars and head home, Cosimano took a 5-2 lead in the second set only to watch it vaporize into the midday sun as Stulac and Marino ripped off the next 5 games to win the second set and championship 7-5.

Dave Marvin presented the winners and the runners up with their checks as the representative of the tournament’s main sponsor Marvin & Palmer Associates. Special thanks go to the tournament director Simon Peppiatt, the tournament sponsors, and the local clubs to make the Philly Open a one of a kind event. For those that could not make it this year, mark your calendars for next year, which promises to surpass this year with the quality of paddle and a repeat of the Philadelphia hospitality.

The back draws featured many local teams.

Last chance: Mark Ray and Keith Studnick vs. Fred Jacobs and Mike Reckmeyer
Consolation: Steve Hall/ Mike McGrath defeated Steve Beers/ Pascal Collard
Reprieve: Peter & Bruce Redpath defeated Vlatko Najdek/ Andy Sorrentino
16’s Reprieve: Rusty Wright/ Mark Ruppert defeated Mike Gillespie/ Juan Arraya
Qtrs Reprieve: David Caldwell/ Blake Cordish defeated Mike Cochrane/ Scott Mansager

Region III President's Cup Teams are Set

MARCH 7, 2008

After a season of hard work, the Men’s and Women’s President Cup Teams are set for Region 3. There are a variety of factors that go into the selection process but the primary consideration is based on the players’ outcomes in the various PCQ tournaments held in Region 3 throughout the season.

The team will play a round robin against the 5 other regions the day prior to the Nationals being held in Rochester, NY this year (March 13 – March 16). Congratulations to the Region 3 team participants and good luck next week.

For the Men:

  1. Scott Falatek (Martins Dam) / Todd Marvin (Greenville)
  2. Andy Sorrentino (Aronimink) / Vlatko Najdek (Waynesborough)
  3. Bruce Redpath (Philly Cricket) / Peter Redpath (Philly Cricket)
  4. Simon Peppiatt (Brandywine) / Fred Gumbinner
  5. Andrew Hocker (Philly Country) / Steve Reiniger (Whitford)

For the Women:

  1. Colleen Baker (Saucon) / Judy Daugherty (Saucon)
  2. Gwen Capenter (Whitford) / Sally Allen (Whitford)
  3. Leslie Grayson (Waynesborough) / Debbie Holtschneider (??)
  4. Betsy Pinsky (Greenville) / Sue Pijawka (Aronimink
  5. Anabel Teuten (Elkridge) / Amy Metzger (L’hirondelle)
McAvoy and Hissey Take 39th Annual Mixed MAPTA Tournament

FEBRUARY 12, 2008

Forty teams from throughout Region 3 participated in the 39th annual Mixed MAPTA tournament. The tournament was founded by Tim McAvoy and Laurie Hissey’s mom and Platform Tennis Hall of Famer Lucie Bel McAvoy. See: Mixed MAPTA 2008 Draws

Mixed MAPTA 2008 Small

This year featured teams from both the northern and southernmost parts of the region. Those at the party Saturday night got to not only to eat and drink, but also watch some amazing matches as the semi-finals pitted Tim McAvoy and Laurie Hissey pulling out a three setter against the newly formed team of Greg Eger and Andrea Dutton. It also featured defending champions Jeff & Cooey Lyon dropping the first 5 games of the first set to Chip Morrow and Cindy Prendergrast, only to see them win the first set 7-5 and then win the second set for their entry into the finals, setting up a rematch of the 2007 finals.

The brother and sister team of Tim and Laurie outlasted the husband/Wife team of Jeff and Cooey in a thrilling 3 set final to win the 39th Annual Mixed MAPTA. The tournament also featured another Brother/  Sister team, some Father/ Daughter teams, a Mother/ Son team and numerous Husband and Wife teams.

Under the very capable charge of Keith & Denise Studnick, the tourney went off without a hitch. They even kept the bad weather away! NICE JOB GUYS!

When all the dust settled and the music, dancing and libations were all finished, Tim & Laurie once again stood tall - BUT they were not the only ones!  In the B' Consies Bruce and Karen Spoko defeated Peter Monaghan and Allison Miller in a tight three setter. In the A's- Tom Fitzmaurice and Colleen Baker defeated Jim Riley and Margaret Evangalista. In the AR consolation Brennan Torregossa and Carolyn Haury defeated Gary and Brooke Fritz. In the E consolation, the team of Rich Devine and Lynne Bruder defeated Mike and RB Stanley and in the "double elimination secret probation" draw the team of Fred and Pam Jacobs defeated Dan and Sharon Yonker. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy their flannel PJ’s favor and special thanks goes out to our sponsors and host clubs that allowed the tournament and party to be enjoyed by all that participated. Stay tuned for some exciting additions for the 40th tournament next year.

Lehigh Valley MAPTA Tournament

JANUARY 25, 2008

On January 25, 2008 the Lehigh Valley MAPTA Tournament was held at Saucon Valley Country Club and Lehigh Country Club. Sixteen teams participated in this Region 3 Women's President's Cup Qualifier.

Highlights from the first round included a tough 2 set victory for Amy Beans and Jill Balshi over Anabel Teuten and Amy Metzger from Baltimore 7-5, 7-5. There was concern early on that this first round match might have lasted until lunch. These 2 teams are famous for backing up the draw with their very consistent play!

In the quarterfinals, Colleen Baker/ Judy Dougherty defeated the #1 seed Laurie Hissey/Leslie Grayson in 3 sets. The quarterfinals matches were very close with 3 out of 4 matches going to 3 sets. The only straight set victory went to Jen Shields and Katie Cassese. This was Katie's first paddle tournament but we should mention that she was a tennis stand out at Duke University.

In the semi-final round, the #2 seed Patti Burkhardt and Lisa Barker defeated Denise Studnick/Barb Herzlich in straight sets. The other semi was an all Saucon Valley C.C. member semi-final with Shields/Cassese edging out Baker/Dougherty 7-6, 6-4. Leaving a great final with Burkhardt/Barker defeating Shields/Cassesse 7-6, 6-4 for the championship.

In the quarterfinal reprieve Beans/Balshi came from 2-5 down in the third set to win 3-6, 7-5, 7-6 over Betsy Pinsky/Sue Pijawka. Sally Allen and Deb Ginn defeated Christine Reiss and Cathy Holskin in the A Consolation. Jen Reder and Debbie Cassidy were the Last Chance winners defeating Thomas/Colville in 3 sets.

Special thanks to Tom Fitzmaurice from Saucon Valley C.C. for running an excellent tournament.

2008 Pennsylvania States

JANUARY 13, 2008

The 2008 PA States was held over a glorious weekend for paddle on January 12th and 13th. The tournament was comprised of 80 Men's and 40 Women's teams from throughout Region 3. It was hosted by Andy Sorrentino at Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square, Pa. The highlight of the tournament is always the spectacular party in the newly renovated Aronimink Golf Club and featured an awesome band that kept the paddle revelers dancing through out the night.

The questions for the weekend were; (1) Whether the #1 seeded team of Todd Marvin and Scott Falatek would take their third consecutive regional President Cup Qualifier of the season and continue their unblemished record?, (2) Would they face the veteran team, returning and 11 time champions, and #2 seed of Tim McAvoy and John Stefanik for the third year in a row?, and (3) Could any of the other regional teams solve either of these teams and earn a birth into the finals for the first time in three years.

The seeding committee once again nailed the semi-finals as the top four seeds held through. In the Semis, the #1 team of Marvin and Falatek faced off against a very familiar #4 team of Steve Reiniger and Andrew Hocker. In the other semi, the #2 seed of McAvoy and Stefanik paired off against the #3 seed, which included tournament host Andy Sorrentino, and partner Vlatko Najdek. Sorrentino and Najdek jumped out to a quick start and took the first set. The second set had both teams battling it out to a tie breaker with McAvoy and Stefanik pulling through setting up a deciding third set to gain entry into the finals. Team McAvoy and Stefanik never looked back and took the third set earning their way into the finals for the 15th consecutive time. In the other semi, Marvin and Falatek posted a difficult but decisive victory in straight sets setting up a show down with the returning champions for the third consecutive year.

The finals shocked everyone watching as McAvoy/ Stefanik played flawless paddle and never gave Marvin/ Falatek a chance to earn their third consecutive regional Presidential Cup Qualifier for this season. The final score was 6-0, 6-2. Congratulations to McAvoy and Stefanik, the now 12 time winners of the event.

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Provo Invitational

JANUARY 5, 2008

What do you get when you mix up 10 platform tennis couples, a Mr. Potato Head trophy for the winner (of the party not the tournament), a new and highly controversial tournament scoring system, a guy wearing Santa Shorts, an English breakfast, dinner for 30, a live band aptly named the paddle ballers, numerous rum concoctions, and an awesome day for paddle all being held at Saucon Valley Country Club?

If you guessed the fifth annual Provo Invitational tournament, you would have guessed correctly. The tournament mixes some of the finest paddle players and partiers in the same venue. The masterminds and hosts behind the event are none other than Saucon's own Chip and Sam Morrow. This year's event also featured the new and very controversial Calloway scoring system which allows players of all levels to compete together through out the day with the ultimate goal of creating 2 competitive teams for the semi-finals. While Chip was hesitant in utilizing this new system, the end result provided some exciting paddle for both the participants and the viewers in the semi and finals action.

The master of ceremonies and chief mixologist Chip was not only responsible for the pairings on the court but also for his infamous Rum Punch concoctions that most players imbibed one or two during breaks on the court.

After computing the scores utilizing the Cray Super Computers at Los Alamos, the semi-finals pitted Bruce Sopko and Colleen Baker against Keith Studnick and Leslie Grayson, with the Sopko and Baker combo wining in straight sets to reach the final. The other semi-final featured Ralph Shields and Denise Studnick against Tom Safford and Judy Dougherty with the Safford/ Dougherty duo also wining in straight sets.

The final match of the day proved to be one of the most exciting as the two teams traded many exciting points between them, the match was determined by a third set tie breaker. The team of Sopko and Baker were up to the task as the jumped out to a 6 – 3 lead and held on to win 7 – 5.

Shortly after the final match, the participants and partiers sauntered over to the Weyhill Guest House on the Saucon Country Club property to shower up, get in their finest party clothing and were seated to an incredible dinner. After dinner the fun really began as the revelers were treated to the fine music by none other than the Paddle Ballers featuring paddle and songster extraordinaire Peter Redpath and his band. The party and the band lasted into the wee hours of Sunday morning were everyone headed to their rooms for the evening. Unfortunately, the winner of the Mr. Potato Head trophy for winning the evening's party wants to remain anonymous in case his/her kids stumble into this article.

The event concluded with everyone dragging their bodies out of bed Sunday morning and being treated to an English breakfast and recalling stories of this years and previous years Provo outings..

Marvin & Falatek Claim Mid Atlantic's Men's Championships

DECEMBER 8, 2007

The top Region III teams traveled to Chevy Chase, Maryland to compete in the Mid Atlantic's Men's Platform Championships and earn some hard fought President Cup Qualifying points. The tournament was hosted by Art Garrett at the Chevy Chase Club.

The quarter-finals on the top half saw the #1 seed of Todd Marvin and Scott Falatek defeat the tournament host and #8 seed Art Garrett and his partner Scott Freund. The other quarter-final match had the newly formed team and #5 seed Vlatko Najdek and Andrew Hocker defeating the #4 seed and perennial Region III Presidents Cup team of Larry Hyde and Bruce Redpath.

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2007 Women's MAPTA

NOVEMBER 30, 2007

Playing under a new format of men on Saturday and Women on Sunday - The women's weather was far different from the men's. Playing under cold and rainy conditions - 16 valiant women's teams went after the top prize. When all the dust settled, Cooey Lyon and Leila Safford took home their 2nd PCQ women's title of the year in a 2 hour final against Andrea Dutton and Laurie Hissey.

Pictured from left to right: Champions Leila Safford and Cooey Lyon finalists Andrea Dutton and Laurie Hissey

2007 Men's MAPTA

NOVEMBER 30, 2007

The weather was perfect for a day of camaraderie and paddle in the Philadelphia area as the 2007 Men's MAPTA was set to begin. As this tournament is a non PCQ for the men, 32 teams of all abilities signed up and participated in this year's event. Tournament director Andrew Hocker and host club Aronimink Golf Club provided ample food and beverages to conclude this festive event. Matches were also hosted at Overbrook Golf Club and Waynesborough Country Club.

The Aronimink team of Andrew Sorrentino and Drew Friel were looking to defend their title from last year and drew the #1 seed from the tournament committee. The veteran champion Tim McAvoy (Waynesborough) teamed up with Tom Burt (Overbrook) and received the # 2 seed. Although the two top seeds both had to play some challenging matches in the early rounds, no team was able to stop them from reaching the finals.

The finals between the two top seeds was exciting to watch as both teams squared off and made some incredible shots as well as diving recoveries to keep the spectators on their feet. After splitting the first two sets at 6-2, team McAvoy and Burt were able to hold onto the third set 6-4 defeating the reigning champions.

The A back draw was won by the father and son duo of Tom and Brian Safford in a thrilling three set match over Ed Saxman and Doug Morrow.

The B back draw was won by a couple of teaching pros. Vlatko Najdek (Waynesborough) teamed up with Justin Poletti (Philly Country Club) to defeat Waynesbrough's Steve Beers and Keith Studnick. Justin was looking forward to this revenge match as Beers and Studnick defeated his team in an interclub slugfest earlier in the week.

The winners received some sturdy hand shakes from the crowd and a bottle of the finest tequila that could be purchased in the State of Pennsylvania. It should be noted that Brian Safford's bottle was gladly accepted by his father Tom. Tom mentioned something about putting it away until Brian's 21st birthday.

Special thanks to Andrew Hocker, Justin Poletti, and Andrew Sorrentino for running such a smooth event as well as to Aronimink, Waynesborough,and Overbrook for hosting the matches on their courts.

Finalists Tom Burt, Tim McAvoy, Andy Sorrentino, Drew Friel

Ocean Pines Update

NOVEMBER 14, 2007

Some of the more than 90 senior members of the Ocean Pines Paddle Tennis Club are pictured during a weekly drop- in program on Saturday mornings. The club features four well-maintained courts and a recently added clubhouse.

Established in 1998 with one ground level court on a concrete pad with the standard aluminum superstructure, galvanized screens and quartz lights. At that time, only five seniors, two women and three men, knew how to play paddle.

Through the use of a free, weekly teaching clinic with volunteer instructors, more senior residents were introduced to paddle play as a free amenity of Ocean Pines Homeowner Association, a non-profit group of some 8,400 families, located fie miles across the Bay from the Atlantic Ocean resort of Ocean City, MD.

While open to all homeowners of any age, all current paddle members are seniors with some into their 80s.

2007 Delaware States

NOVEMBER 10, 2007

With numerous President Cup points on the line, sixteen of the top Teams from both the Northern and Southern sections of Region III traveled to the Wilmington area to compete in the Delaware States hosted by none other than Steve Nycum at the remarkable Greenville Country Club, in Wilmington, Delaware. This was the first of six Region III PCQ men's tournaments that will be held this season.

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Sixth Annual Mason Dixon Event

OCTOBER 20, 2007

On Saturday, October 20th, the Northern and Southern sections of Region III set out to do battle for the sixth time. The South went into the event holding slight 3 to 2 edge over the North.

Mark Holtschneider, Captain of the South, hosted this year's event at L'Hirondelle County Club in Baltimore, MD. Mark selected Blake Cordish, Andy Todd, Mike Cobb, William Bullard, Frank Holtschneider, Art Garrett, Wayne Holtschneider, Tom Donner and Lindsy Hargrave to battle for the South.

Captain Tim McAvoy traveled south of the Mason Dixon with his selections Chip Morrow, Peter Redpath, Jeff Lyon, Andrew Hocker, Steve Reiniger, Scott Falatak, Vlatko Najdek, Simon Peppiatt and Greg Eger in an attempt to even the score.

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150 Women Expected to Compete against Breast Cancer

OCTOBER 1, 2007

On October 15th, women in Region III kick off their paddle season by participating in the Paddle Rally to benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer ("LBBC"). LBBC was founded in 1991 and is a national non-profit educational and support organization serving women and families affected by breast cancer.

Linda Dutton is the Paddle Rally founder and chairperson and works with a 20-member committee with representatives from all area clubs. Last year over 150 women from the Philadelphia area participated in this worthy event. The Paddle Rally is celebrating its 11th anniversary and to date has raised $110,000 for LBBC. This year women may donate in honor or memory of a loved one.

The morning begins with breakfast while listening to a presentation by Dr. Lynn M. Schuchter with Q & A. Then the ladies are assigned courts by skill level. Partners are rotated every half hour and play ends around noon. It is a wonderful day of fun play with women supporting women for a great cause.

If you are interested in donating to this great cause, you may donate on-line with a credit card. Please visit or contact Linda Dutton at 610-296-3137 for more information or if you are interested in playing in The Paddle Rally.

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