Junior Development Ladder

Junior Development Ladder

Includes Junior Single Events

The APTA has created a development ladder, with Level 1 for the serious player down to Level 3 formats designed to make learning paddle fun, to help organize and grow Junior paddle in your area. Singles is being phased in at all levels this season. Get the kids in your area involved and climb that ladder!

Level 1

Viking Junior Tour events where players earn ranking points toward a season-end National Ranking. (Looks great on college applications.) Boys and girls may play together until the U15s. Doubles events require an APTA membership and follow APTA-approved formats, including 2 out of 3 set finals.

Level 2

“Futures” events with modified scoring and modified rules, such as one bounce after the ball hits the screen, and two serves, depending on age and ability. The regular ball will be used for experienced tennis players; the Viking Training Ball will be used if those participating are not tennis players. Events include 15 minutes of instruction before the start of play.

Level 3

Events that use the Viking Training Ball. These range from Family Play Day or Kids Play Day to Skills and Drills to POP UP Paddle. Each event provides instruction from a pro or an experienced player during play.


The APTA is launching Singles Play for the Kids for all three levels this season. It will be an experimental year testing out different formats, different scoring systems, and different balls. Modified rules for singles include two serves, five points for each serving rotation, and scoring to 11, 15, or 21 depending on the summer trial.

Several singles events for high-level Juniors will be offered. No National Ranking Points will be awarded until the 2017-2018 season for singles. The APTA plans to host a Junior Singles National Championship in two years.

Junior Paddle is our Future.

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