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What is the President's Cup?

The President’s Cup was established in 1978 in order to create a national competition for amateur paddlers. Platform tennis had begun to be increasingly professionalized, especially in the East, and good regional players were losing interest in this type of competition. Increasingly, separate regional tournaments were held for these non-professionals (defined as not nationally ranked.) Each Region held its own qualifying tournament to determine which four teams from its Region would be sent to the President’s Cup:

In the first few years, the President's Cup was held separately from the APTA Men's and Women's Nationals. Beginning in 1982, the President's Cups have been held at the site of the Nationals, the day before the start of the tournaments.

Regional President's Cup Captains

1 Drew Broderick
Tina Wein
2 Jeff Morneau Amy Hutter
3 Scott Falatek
Sue Pijawka
4 Zach Held 
Amy Heil
5 Paul Rose Lisa Goldberg
6 Ken Croney
Cameron Lanphier
7 Nathan Crick
Nan Miller
Independent Not Yet Named


2020  Darien, CT II  Team Photos 
2019   Pittsburgh, PA II  II  Team Photos 
2018 Chicago, IL  II V  
2017 Philadelphia, PA  II  
2016 Darien, CT  II  I Team Photos
2015 Chicago, IL  II V Team Photos
2014 Pittsburgh, PA  II V Team Photos
2013 Franklin Lakes, NY  II I Team Photos
2012 Long Island, NY  V V Team Photos
2011 Chicago, IL  V V Team Photos
2010 Philadelphia, PA  Team Photos
2009 Cincinnati, OH I IV Team Photos
2008 Rochester, NY II IV  
2007 Pelham, NY II IV  
2006 Chicago, IL I V  
2005 Pittsburgh, PA V IV  
2004 Cleveland, OH I I  
2003 Philadelphia, PA III I  
2002 Long Island, NY IV I  
2001 Summit, NJ IV I  
2000 Rochester, NY III III  
1999 Pelham, NY IV V  
1998 Chicago, IL V V  
1997 Pittsburgh, PA V V  
1996 Rochester, NY I IV  
1995 Montclair, NJ I III  
1994 Scarsdale, NY III III  
1993 Cleveland, OH V V  
1992 Long Island, NY III III  
1991 Philadelphia, PA III I  
1990 Chicago, IL III II  
1989 Scarsdale, NY III III  
1988 Rochester, NY III IV, V  
1987 Cleveland, OH IV IV, V  
1986 Scarsdale, NY I IV, V  
1985 Scarsdale, NY III III  
1984 Cleveland, OH IV IV  
1983 New Canaan, CT IV IV  
1982 Allendale, NJ I  -  
1981 West Newton, MA I  -  
1980 Paoli, PA I, IV (tie)  -  
1979 South Euclid, OH IV  -  
1978 Montclair, NJ IV  -  
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