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The following logos maybe used to link to the APTA, include on tournament draw sheets, and use in other cases where you have a legal and appropriate need for an APTA logo. These files are all of the file type "png." Please do not alter the images. If you need to resize an image, please keep the aspect ratio (proportions) intact.

200 px wide

American Platform Tennis Association

150 px wide

American Platform Tennis Association

100 px wide

American Platform Tennis Association


Copy the logo:

1. Select an image of the appropriate size (the image will show best if you do not resize it later).

2. Download an image to the proper directory on your computer with the name of your choice, indicating the png file type (file_name.png).
    Windows Environment: Right click on the image and choose Save Picture As.
    Macintosh Environment: Click on the image, holding down the mouse button until a menu appears. Choose Download Image to Disk.

Use the logo in a draw sheet or other document:

Paste the saved image into your document.

Link to platformtennis.org:

Insert the image with a link referencing our home page at: http://www.platformtennis.org.

Link to the APTA on-line tournament registration system or membership system:

If you need to link to our on-line registration system, please use the URL below. 



If you have any questions, or need a logo in a different size or file type, please contact us using the contact information below. Thank you.

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