Dear Prospective Partner/Sponsor,

In the past few years, our sport has experienced strong growth and the APTA, through multiple initiatives, has made it more sponsor-friendly as we seek to “partner” with brands looking to leverage our very affluent, active, educated membership and our strong platforms. The APTA is strongest in the wealthy suburbs of New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore/Washington plus many other “cold weather” cities in the eastern half of the US and Canada, though the sport also continues to grow in the southeast and west.

Our five highest level APTA Grand Prix Tour events and the APTA Nationals will all be streamed live during the 2019-2020 season which starts this October and ends next March. The live streams offer APTA sponsors and advertisers multiple advertising and branding opportunities.

If the idea of being a large fish in a small to mid-size pond where direct engagement with our membership is encouraged as part of an integrated sponsorship, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your brand goals, and customize an involvement which delivers great results at a very reasonable investment. Our 17,000 dues-paying members are extremely loyal by nature and very supportive of brands that support the APTA.

Please call us at 888.744.9490 or email apta@platformtennis.org for additional information and we will have our sponsorship representative contact you.

Thanks in advance for exploring an APTA partnership!

Scott Bondurant
APTA President


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