Juniors Impress at Lake Bluff

12 & Under (l-r) Finalists Michael Reardon & Ryan Reardon, Eric Moran, Champions Alex Alutto & Quinn McGowan

Lake Bluff 14 & Under Finalists
14 & under (l-r) Finalists Jack Lunn & Jack Corrigan, Eric Moran, Champions Jordan O’Kelly & John O’Connor

Eric Moran
November 30, 2011
Lake Bluff, IL

Things went extremely well at the Lake Bluff Junior Open tournament. We had six teams come out and we had perfect weather. All the kids had great attitudes. We gave out hats, had pizza and drinks, and held a raffle, including a Viking Synergy paddle. Next year will be bigger—guaranteed!

We played a full round robin and the higher level kids were very gentle on the lower level players (even nurturing at times, as they purposefully rallied with them instead of crushing the ball to the screens to finish the point.) I was very impressed with that type of empathy. I had three teams in each age group. The top two teams out of each group met in the finals.

“Eye of the Tiger” blared as the championship games started. The parents were amazed at the level of paddle their kids can play. The finals were extremely competitive.

Many thanks to our major sponsor Viking.

Congratulations to all the players!

Division Winners Finalists Score
12 & Under Alex Alutto
Quinn McGowan
Michael Reardon
Ryan Reardon
14 & Under Jordan O’Kelly
John O’Connor
Jack Lunn
Jack Corrigan

Lake Bluff Junior Open

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