2018 National League Tournament Results

April 17, 2018
Chicago, IL

2018 National Champs WomenFor the second year in a row, Hinsdale won the 5.0 division at the APTA National League Championships. In driving rain, Hinsdale beat Team New England in the semifinals to meet up with Midtown/Wilmette in the finals. It came down to the last match, of course to make the day as dramatic as possible. Congratulations to Captain Stephanie Turner, Carole Gatch, Courtney Hughes, Chris O’Malley, Susie Mullaney, Sarah Opler, Gwen Pontikes, Svetlana Schroeder, and Amanda Southwell.

Thank you to the John Noble, Pete Rose, and the pros and volunteers for making the APTA National League Championship an excellent team event.



2018-National-Champs-Women-4 For the second year in a row North Park division 3 wins their level at the APTA National League championship. They win the 4.0 division in a squeaker over the Manufacturers team #1, 8 points to 7. Congratulations to Captain Kelley Holland, Laura Cohen, Lisa Gloninger, Barb Griffith, Jen Katzfey, Diane Minnaugh, Holly Montanari, Kristen Petcash, Kim Roadarmel, and Josie Schwartz.








2018 National Champs Men 5.5Congratulations to the Rochester Men's 5.5 team for bringing home the medals. They've created a new tradition: a fireball shot at the medal ceremony. Roster was: Captain Jeff Kotalik, Cary Greenberg, Sky Kalkman, Ben Klempka, Sean Kelley, Robert Hawkins, Mike Spaeth, and Andy Thompson.







2018 National Champs MenCongratulations to the Lehigh Men's 5.0 team who won their division at the APTA National League Championships. The champions: Captain Todd Kane, Chris Balshi, Bob Bryan, Ari Datta, Fred Saab, Tim Spinosa, Billy Wall, Scott Warrick, John Yurconic, and John Yurconic, Jr.







2018 National Champs Men 4.5Congratulations to the Winnetka Men's 4.5 team for winning their division at the APTA National League Championships. Victors Captain Mike Harris, Alvin All, Rob Black, Raj Gill, Chris Kennedy, John MacEntee, Bob Matteson, Oren Matteson, Ryan Richter, and Luca Sera.







2018 National Champs Men 4.0Congratulations to the Worthington Hills Country Club (Columbus, OH) for winning the Men’s 4.0 National League Championships. Captain Brad Marquis, Bob Birzer, Scott Gerber, Frank Heil, John Lindaman, Eric Lothes, Rob Martin, and Martin Roesch brought home the gold.








Congratulations to the Prairie Club for winning the Men’s 3.5 National League Championships. Winners from Prairie Club, Captain Evan Clark led Matt Chango, Dave Davenport, Brian Donnelly, Chad Freund, Jim Jones, Tony Lindsay, and Adam Mitchell to the winner's circle.

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