How to Sign Up for Team Nationals

February 16, 2023


1. Go to OR Click the Entry Link on the Tournament Page to go directly to "Enter a Tournament"
2. Click on “Enter a Tournament”
3. Find the Team Nationals you want and click on it
4. Enter Team Name
5. Enter Where is your team from?
6. Enter Captain Name
7. Enter Captain Email
8. Enter Captain Cell Phone
9. Enter the number of players on your team
10. Click “Build Team”
11. There will be spots for the number of players you entered in step 9.
12. For each player on your team:
a. Click “Select Player”
b. Enter search criteria (partial names are ok)
c. Click “Search Player”
d. If you do not see your player, try other criteria
e. In the box with your player’s name. click “Select Player”
f. Click “Save”
g. Repeat for each player
13. When all players are entered, click “Save & Continue”
14. On the checkout page, review the details listed for the order to be sure it’s correct
15. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
16. Enter billing information and place order

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