Region I Wins the Mother of All Grudge Matches –The Big Daddy Cup

Tony Ettinger
February 13, 2012
Scarsdale, NY

On February 10th, the 6th annual Big Daddy Cup was held at Fox Meadow, the Home of Platform Tennis. This annual event pits the five top 95+ Region I teams versus the five top Region II 95+ teams. It was a wonderful Friday event with perfect weather, no work and great camaraderie on both sides.

This year’s event came down to the last match of the day where Nathan LeFevre and Scott Estes defeated Hans Doup and Peter Harvey in a close one. LeFevre was quoted saying, “If I knew it was the deciding point, I would have blown it.” Immediately after the last point was played, the cup was brought to the court and champagne flowed. All of the winners sipped the bubbly from the cup. Region I’s winning team included Nathan LeFevre and Scott Estes, Mike Atkinson and John Shehadi, Russ Jellinek and Tim Heath, Ron Leichtner and David Graham, and Hank Whiting and Tony Ettinger. Region I’s team gets to take home the cup for the next twelve months and bring it back next year to New England for the 7th Annual Big Daddy Cup.

The Region II team consisted of Rob Pierce and Ross Smith, Geoff Cartier and Rich Morrell, Rob Caserta and Steve Godiksen, Peter Harvey and Hans Doup, and John Bauman and Phil Johnson.  Region II has won four cups and Region I has now won two. By the way, other Regions are always welcome.

Big Daddies

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