Blazing Battles at the Boston National Men’s Open

January 31, 2012
Boston, MA

2012-Paddle-Times-Videos-Screen-ShotThe second seeds pulled out a win over the first seeded team. The entire draw was deep and talented. Thanks to Johan and Rob Coster for putting together a high-end Hub event.

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Rob Coster's posted this on Region II's facebook page: "I was in Boston for the Men's Boston National NRT/PCQ event. Amazing paddle! Johan Du Randt & Matt Porter overcame a 3-6 loss in the first set of the finals to beat Mark Parsons & Michael Stulac with two tiebreakers to win what was called by many, the strongest men’s draw in the country this season. The tournament was so deep, recent National Champions Michael Cochrane & Jerry Albrikes (paired with Jared Palmer & Jeff Morneau respectively) faced off against each other in the 16 reprieve finals. I’m also told that former National finalists Blake Cordish & David Cordwell fought off two match points against Alex Seiler& Paul Fairchild to avoid the “last chance” draw. Great tournament! Congrats to Johan & Matt and Mike & Mark for an incredible finals!"

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!

Main Draw Johan Du Randt/Matt Porter Mark Parsons/Mike Stulac 3-6, 7-6, 7-6
Quarter Reprieve

Drew Broderick/Greg Moore

Brad Easterbrook/Lennart Jonason
16 Reprieve Michael Cochrane/Jared Palmer Jerry Albrikes/Jeff Morneau
Consolation David Caldwell/Blake Cordish Michael Montalbano/Varun Vasudeva
Consolation Reprieve Paul Fairchild/Alex Seiler Geoff Cartier/Karl Gregor


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