Dave Dwyer and Nick Warendorf PTI 25+ Winners at Brookline

November 16, 2019
Brookline, MA

It was a perfect paddle day for Brookline Paddle Club’s second annual Brookline B (now renamed PTI 25+). The PTI 25+ tournament featured 24 teams from across the region with a combined PTI ranging from 53 to 85. The theme of the day was UPSET. A crisp but beautiful fall day that started at 8AM with the final concluding at 5PM was filled with upsets in every round. In the end, eighth seeds Dave Dwyer and Nick Warendorf from Blackrock Country Club defeated the sixth seeds Gordon Green and John Hauck from Dedham Country Club, 6-2, 4-6, 7-6. The third-set tie-breaker was won 14-12 or so the spectators believed, as the players themselves actually lost count, announcing “up 1” or “tied” at each serve.

Thank you to all 48 participants, the hosting clubs (The Country Club, Wellesley Country Club, Weston Golf Club, Brae Burn Country Club, & BPC) and hut commanders, Betsy Leggat & Camelback for the swag, and especially our tournament director Anna Asphar and GBPTL tournament coordinator Ethan Brown.


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