Luke Rassow-Kantor and Daniel Warren Great at Greater Hartford B

January 20, 2020
Hartford, CT

2020 Greater Hartford Men's B Final Results (doc) (pdf) 

A loaded draw featured lots of young talent at HGC this Saturday. Players enjoyed a full 24 team draw with new players clashing with seasoned vets. The weather took a turn as snow started during the final few rounds. Players had to adjust their styles as the heaters were trying to keep up with the accumulation.

In the end, Luke Rassow-Kantor and Daniel Warren took the finals over Chris Hayes and Brian Power in wet/snowy conditions, 6-1, 6-2.

Thank you to Tournament Director David Marshall and the Hartford Golf Club for hosting, and to the Golf Club of Avon and Hop Meadow Country Club for the use of their facilities.


L to R: Finalists Brian Powers/Chris Hayes Winners Daniel Warren/Luke Rassow-Kantor

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