Patterson Club Steps Up and Sets the Bar

OCTOBER 17, 2011

Yesterday was the a big test for the Patterson Club Open. The tourney made its debut as an NRT and as part of Region 2. The tournament had some of the best players in the country participating in its first year as a National Ranking Tournament. With both Men’s Open and Men’s B with full 32-size draws and lots of teams in the waiting list, the welcoming of Fairfield County into Region 2 could not have been any stronger. Both titles will remain at home, as local Fairfield County residents Brad Easterbrook and Lennart Jonason won the Men’s Open; while Rich Greene Tom Kratky won the Men’s B.

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Final PCQ/NRT and B Draws in Excel Format   Final PCQ/NRT and B Draws in PDF Format

2011 Patterson Club Men's Open PCQ/NRT and B
Photos courtesy of Steve Mack

Photos courtesy of PaddleTimes


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