Broderick-Gambino Capture Premier Cup's Top Purse

Premier-Cup-150 Total Platform Tennis

2011 Premier Cup

Pairings & Draws

Place Team Place Team Score
1st Drew Broderick
Chris Gambino
2nd Peter Berka
Drew Eberly
6-2, 6-2 
3rd Steve DeRose
Jon Lubow
4th Mike Marino
Dane Schmidgall
5th Mark Johnson
Matthew Warner
6th Denny English
Brian Heil
7th Rob Bakker
8th Dan Mott
Andy Todd

Green Group B/E D/L E/H B/R Total
Peter Berka
Drew Eberly

6-1,2-6,6-2 6-2,2-6,6-2 5-7,7-5,6-0 3-0
Steve DeRose
Jon Lubow
6-3,6-2 6-4,6-0 2-1
Denny English
Brian Heil
2-6,6-2,2-6 3-6,2-6
6-4,6-3 1-2
Rob Bakker
7-5,5-7,0-6 4-6,0-6 4-6,3-6

Purple Group B/G M/S J/W M/T Total
Drew Broderick
Chris Gambino

6-2,6-3 6-2,6-3 6-0,6-1 3-0
Mike Marino
Dane Schmidgall
6-2,6-1 6-1,6-2 2-1
Mark Johnson
Matthew Warner
3-6,2-6 2-6,1-6
4-6,6-3,6-3 1-2
Dan Mott
Andy Todd
0-6,1-6 1-6,2-6 6-4,3-6,3-6

Prize Money

1st $2800 3rd $1200 5th $600 7th $300
2nd $2600 4th $800 6th $500 8th $200

OCTOBER 16, 2011

Sunday Evening - Final Results

Drew Broderick and Chris Gambino emerged as the 2011 Premier Cup champions when they defeated Peter Berka and Drew Eberly in the final, 6-2, 6-2. Steve DeRose and Jon Lubow took 3rd over Mike Marino and Dane Schmigdall 6-3, 6-1. The scores, as is often the case in paddle matches, did not accurately reflect the battles on the court. Thanks to the players, and particularly to all the spectators who came out to watch the matches.

2011 Premier Cup Champs

Sunday 10/16 - Noon

This morning positions 5-8 were decided. Bakker-Reed defeated Mott-Todd for 7th place. Johnson-Warner defeated English-Heil for 5th place. The last two matches, for the top 4 finishes, are in progress

Saturday, 10/15 - midday

Berka-Eberly, DeRose-Lubow, Broderick-Gambino, Marino-Schmigdall dominate early rounds. With 2-0 results they are guaranteed spots in the play-off rounds. Details of the prize money payouts have been posted - check it out below the round robin grids.

The 2011 Premier Cup is proud to announce it will be held October 14th-16th
in Columbus, Ohio at Scioto Country Club!

Contact: Jason Gray at 513-218-0715 or

The spotlight will be on the great city of Columbus as many of the top teams in the country will be in town to showcase their incredible talents for all to enjoy over a 3 day period! An event, commonly called "The Super Bowl of Platform Tennis", will consist of teams coming from states/cities such as Chicago, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Richmond and Columbus's own Denny English and Brian Heil.

Kicking off the weekend's festivities will feature a free clinic conducted by the APTA and various pros that is open to all levels and curiosities to enjoy and participate! (schedule below)

Starting on Saturday morning and running through late afternon will be the round robin portion of the tournament in which each team will play 3 matches that will be 2 out of 3 sets. Once play is completed for the day, matches will be organized for what's called the "MONEY " matches taking place first thing Sunday morning.

For the first time in the 7 year history of this one of a kind event, all teams will receive financial compensation for their efforts and and is proud to boast a total purse of $10,000! Crowd expectations are high and this is the best chance to watch the best in the game play at the highest level all at one site! Please come out and support the event and the sport of Platform Tennis which is know as the "Hidden Gem of Racquet Sports"!

A big thanks goes out presenting sponsors Total Platform Tennis and Wilson Racquet Sports for their continued support along with several Columbus area businesses and Platform enthusiasts! And finally, the men on the ground who helped raised a record purse for this year's event Denny English and Brian Heil

Weekend Schedule of Activities

Friday 5-6 pm Free clinics provided by
APTA Certified Professionals
Denny English, Brian Heil, Peter Berka, and Drew Broderick
6-7 pm
7-8 pm
8-8:45 pm High energy exhibition to include top ten players in the country
Saturday 10 am-4 pm Round robin play
Sunday 9 am Semi's/Finals
10 am Placement Matches
12 pm Finals
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