First Tenacity Paddle Classic Raises over $8,500

October 30, 2019
Newton, MA

By Ned Earnes

The competitive spirit was palpable, as were the camaraderie and positive vibes put forth by the wonderfully supportive participants in Saturday's inaugural Tenacity Paddle Classic, a mixed team event.

There was no better display of both than from club host and Brae Burn team captain Ken Swan, who graciously welcomed Rob Wadsworth, Jeff Ward, and George Doran from the Wellesley Country Club, Brookline Paddle Club, and Weston Golf Club squads, respectively, onto his home courts, only to end the day by hoisting the team tournament trophy.

However, it was the collective paddle community in attendance on Saturday who most deserves MVP honors for helping Tenacity find a new platform to promote its mission in a fun and impactful way. The connection with Tenacity's students in attendance was truly appreciated. Since 1999, Tenacity has helped over 30,000 Boston Public School students build a foundation for lifelong achievement through in-school, after-school and summer programs—including tennis and tutoring—that provide tools for excellence in school, career, and life.

A very special thank you to Tenacity board members Rob Wadsworth, Stan Mescon (who had just earned a Gold Ball a couple days earlier in New Orleans), Jenn Lesnick, and Trish Glass for helping the vision for the event come to fruition. Same too for the time and effort put forth by other key volunteer members of Tenacity's Paddle Task Force: Paula Fazli, Amin Khadurri, Stephen Mitchell, Thomas Nolan, and Lindsey Herchel.

In addition to Stephen and Thomas, we greatly appreciate the additional elite efforts of Vic Cran, Niko Bubnic, and Leo and Bill Power. Finally, thanks to all who contributed to the event and came out and played and watched platform tennis on a beautiful fall day.

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Thomas Nolan in the screens (Photo by Brandon Andrusic)


Vic Cran/Thomas Nolan work over Steve Mitchell and partner (Photo by Brandon Andrusic)

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