2023 Board Member, Josh Kritzler

Board-Member-Josh-Kritzler-180Josh Kritzler

Josh Kritzler is the Co-President and COO of Legends Global Technology Solutions (GTS) division as well as the COO of the Legends Global Partnerships division. He joined the company in 2022 and oversees the growing GTS business, which works across Legends 360-degree platform of services, leveraging data and analytics, insights, innovation, and digital solutions to enable value and revenue for clients. In addition, Josh runs the day-to-day business operations of the Legends Global Partnerships Group whose clients include the PGA, Cirque Du Soleil, US Olympics 2028, the Buffalo Bills stadium project, and many others.

Prior to joining Legends, Josh was Co-Founder and Partner of 4FRONT, a global sponsorship, data and analytics, innovation, and digital media agency. 4FRONT was acquired by Legends in early 2022 and became part of Global Technology Solutions. Founded in 2007, Josh grew 4FRONT, with his business partner, into a thriving organization with offices in Chicago, Dallas, and Denver, working with a diverse portfolio of sports and entertainment clients around the globe.

Most importantly, Josh is the dad of Miles (12), Lila (10), and Hudson (8) and husband to Natalie. When not carpooling to hockey, soccer, baseball, and tennis practices, Josh spends his free time on the paddle court where he currently plays in the Chicago Legends division as well as for the Wilmette Series 2 team. Paddle highlights include co-captaining the Winnetka Series 1 team to three straight series titles. Was Brian Compton on the team for all of those titles? Can’t recall.

Josh also coaches both sons’ baseball teams, holds the volunteer position of President of Old Willow Club, and sits on the Chicago Board of “Good Sports.”

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