Florentina Hanisch - Heavy Medal and Clean Sweep

March 30, 2022
Long Island, NY

Florentina Hanisch had a spectacular 2021-2022 season—an undefeated season. After winning the 2021 National Championship with partner Ana Marjia Zubori, Hanisch had a baby in the summer, and was back on the courts by mid-October. She won all 4 Grand Prix events this season—Chicago Charities, Detroit Invitational, Boston Open, and Short Hills Invitational—and then capped the season off by winning the 2022 National Championship, with Zubori by her side. One week later, she and her husband Martin Bostrom won both the Mixed and Husband/Wife National Championships.

Mental fortitude, hard work, love of the game—Hanisch possesses all the traits of a champion. While this is a game of doubles, Florentina Hanisch is recognized for her singular accomplishment, one for the record books.


Florentina Hanisch and Ana Marjia Zubori


Mixed Nationals


Married Nationals

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