Hall of Fame Nomination Process Explained

May 11, 2017

The APTA Hall of Fame Nominating Committee considers outstanding candidates each year. Here is some important information about the nominating process.

What is the Criteria for Entry into the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame?
There are two core categories for nominees(some candidates may fall into both):

          (1) The individual should have achieved truly exceptional results in platform tennis play over the course of their career.

          (2) The individual should have made truly exceptional contributions
to the growth, development and leadership of the game.

All candidates should have also demonstrated a high level of character, integrity, sportsmanship and consideration for others and thus earned the respect and admiration from their peers.

How do I nominate someone? What is the process?
There are three steps in the nomination process:

          (1)  Submit a cover letter summarizing the compelling reasons for this individual becoming a member of the APTA Hall of Fame.

          (2)  Complete HOF Nomination Form (pdf or word document)

          (3)  Send the cover letter and Nomination Form by September 1 to either:

- apta@platformtennis.org

-  Ann Sheedy, Executive Director APTA
109 Wesport Drive
Pittsburgh, PA; 15238

-  Steve Baird
6 Stanley Keyes
Rye, NY 10580

Members of the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee:
Steve Baird (Chair), bairdpartners@gmail.com
Scott Bondurant, bondo59@gmail.com
Flip Goodspeed, flip_goodspeed@mccluremetals.com
Patty Hogan, pattyhogan8@gmail.com
Tim McAvoy, mcavoytb@gmail.com
Gerri Viant, Gerriviant@gmail.com

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