The Toss

by Christina Kelly

Everyone has a part of his gameBouncing Ball Yellow
That could use a little work --
Whether it’s an oddball shot or freaky form
That some might call a quirk.

My problem is the start to my serve
For when I throw the ball into the air,
I know gravity will bring it back
By I never know when or where.

I was taught to give it a hoist,
To lift the ball up high,
But my toss goes above the screen
And continues on toward the sky.

As if it has a mind of its own
And was shot from a rocket base,
It reaches the upper stratosphere
And flies towards outer space.

If opponents are not forewarned,Space Station Mir
A gasp is what I hear,
And then a sarcastic comment
About danger to the Space Station Mir.

Most players think it’s funny,
Some claim a mild distraction,
But one got whiplash watching the ball
And threatened to take legal action.

So here’s a tip if we ever play
And I toss the ball into the air...
Just pull out an emery board
And a comfy reclining chair.

Then settle back and relax
Or make a quick trip to town,
But don’t forget that what goes up
Eventually must come back down.

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