Survey of Top 100 Players

We surveyed the top 100 players and asked about tournament competition. Forty-five players responded to the 15 questions. Opinions converged on many of the questions, and not always in a way that lines up perfectly with the APTA's team rankings.

Visit this page again as results to other questions are added and look for others in upcoming article in Platform Tennis Magazine.

Whose overheads cause the most trouble?


#1 : Kerri Delmonico            #1 : Brian Uihlein
Runner up: Lauren Zink        with 75% of respondents
                                            choosing Brian

Which player never seems to make an unforced error?


#1 : Bobo Delaney                #1 : Scott Mansager
Runner up: Nancy Budde    Runners up : Flip Goodspeed, Charlie Usher

Who has inflicted the most pain as they tagged you?


#1 : Lauren Zink                    #1 : Brian Uihlein
Runners up: Mary Doten,     Runner up: Mike Cochrane (pictured)
Aila Main,

Which tournament is the most fun to play?

#1 : Chicago

#2: Nationals

Honorable mentions for: Cincy, Short Hills, and Philly

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