The Excuses

by Christina Kelly

The three of us are at the courts
The clock ticks on the wall,
We know she's running late again,
The excuses...we've heard them all.

Her daughter has the hiccups,
Her son has got the flu,
The dog attacked the ferret--
There was nothing she could do.

Her husband called her early
To tell her that the plumber
Had to come that morning
Or couldn't return 'til summer.

She was going to be here early
Until she saw the cat,
She had to swerve into a ditch
And that's how she got the flat.

Yes, she left for the match on time
But couldn't get that far --
She locked her car keys in the house
And house keys in the car.

She's tells us that she's punctual
And hates to be delayed,
But always hits construction
Or a fireman's parade.

But once we start to play
Our whining won't last forever,
Because she always reminds us:
“Tis better late, than never.

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