Platform Tennis Bids Farewell to Champion Mac Polestak

April 4, 2019
Patty Hogan

RIP Mac Polestak.

A champion paddle player admired by so many in the paddle world.

Mac was a former Summit Tennis Club member who welcomed and encouraged newbies like me 🎾😀into the sport of paddle many years ago.

Mac was a three time APTA National Senior Champion winning the APTA Women’s 50’s in 1988 with Diane McGuire, pictured here.

Mac won the title again in in 1990 with Pat Reed, her longtime Summit Tennis Club pal.

Mac’s third national title was in the APTA 60’s with Sharon Hummers in 1999.

Mac was a finalist in 7 other APTA Senior National finals.

Mac was a class act who gave it her all on court and off.

Arrangements still to be determined.

Mac Polestak Mac Polestak


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