New APTA Board Springs Into Action

May 10, 2019
Ruxton, MD


L to R: Cam Lanphier, Bill O'Brien, Jim Ingle, Vice President Amin Khadduri, Patty Hogan, Max LePivert, Gerri Viant, Whit Harwood, Executive Director Ann Sheedy, President Tiernan Cavanna, Chris Hays, Mark Holtschneider, Peter Lauer.

Not pictured: David Broderick, Vice President Mark Fischl, Anton Mavrin, Mark Parsons, Pete Rose, Justin Stanley

At the APTA Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 1, hosted by the L’Hirondelle Club in Ruxton, Maryland (Region III), the new APTA President Tiernan Cavanna was introduced to members of the Baltimore community and the attending board members and staff. Outgoing Scott Bondurant spoke about the APTA’s financial health and gave a meaningful farewell speech. All seven regions reported on paddle initiatives in their communities and clamored for more courts to keep up with the sport’s popularity.

New board members, Chris Hays, Mark Holtschneider, Amin Khadduri, and Peter Lauer, brought their expertise in areas of sponsorship, lawyering and governance, league and data initiatives, and fundraising and a Southern perspective to the two-day APTA Board Meeting on May 3-4.
The group created, discussed, and voted on many initiatives, including:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Tournaments
  • Live Streaming
  • Leagues
  • Grants and Loans
  • National Paddle Tennis Index (PTI)
  • Sponsorship
  • Social Media

The APTA Board is working for you. Look for more information as the season approaches.
Happy Summer!

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