Up or Down

A Poem/Rap By Charlotte Sikora

Charlotte and CooeyUp or Down 
By Charlotte Sikora

The weather has been a factor,
At the end of the match it’s about
Who’s gonna be the best actor.
Whether or not this is your sector,
You have to adjust your demeanor. 
Sun shining in the corner, 
Lobbing down the line without error. 
Overhead blinding on the other side,
Staying back for an attack. 
Who’s going to handle the difficulty, 
Find the adequate strategy,
And use the weather to win the trophy? 

The next day, we came back. 
The rain showed up,
Another challenge rose up.
Usually we return first, today it’s all serve!
It’s slice and dice, use the wires to create 
Instability and force them to elaborate. 
Everyone is discombobulated, 
Not a single situation seems comforting.
Who’s gonna take the advantage,
And break the stratagem? 

It took a while, but eventually 
Someone figured it out. 
Patience was the key, physically
But especially mentally. 
Not giving in when you can’t see,
Or getting disturbed by the seam. 
Staying focus no matter what,
Avoiding any excuse and looking to overcome the outcome. 

Paddle, thank you for constantly activating our cells, not always
keeping us sane but always stimulating our brain!

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