Announcing the 2023 APTA Team Nationals

February 2, 2023


Date of the event is April 1-2, 2023
Women's in New Jersey
Men's in Chicago


Time to start drawing up your line-ups! Team Nationals is less than three months away.

Team Nationals invites teams from around the country to join in this festive weekend tournament. Last year, over 250 women and 200 men competed in the fifth annual event. With names ranging from the profane—Boston Backsides, Deucebags, Ball Busters—to the straight and narrow—Washington Paddle Team #1-4—the teams bring swag, swagger, grit, joy, and camaraderie.

Team Nationals has a reputation for creating excellent leveled play and offering the best post-competition party for all skill levels. You will leave Team Nationals with more friends than you came with.

1) Self-select six players or more with similar PTI ratings. Players should be within a 15-point band. Teams can decide their size—six is the minimum but there is no maximum.
2) Teams can be composed of players from one club, many clubs, or different regions.
3) There is no limit on the number of teams from a club, locale, or region.
Example: A group of 13 friends from Atlanta decide to compete at PTI 30. They split into two teams, one with 7 players and one with 6 players.
Example: A team of 8 from Cincinnati registers, with two players dealing with back and knee pain. The team will compete using those two players sparingly.


1) Divisions are based on PTI levels.
2) All PTI ratings and skill levels are eligible to compete.
3) Men’s Divisions - In 2022, 32 men’s teams competed in 7 divisions ranging from PTI 5+ to 50+. We expect divisions this year to range from PTI 0 thru PTI 60+.
4) Women’s Divisions - In 2022, 42 women’s teams competed in 10 divisions ranging from PTI 25+ to 75+.
5) Team Placements - Teams will be placed into divisions based on a combination of the average PTI of the team and the best two PTI ratings on the team.
6) Matches - Three lines play in each match—six players per team play each match.
7) Round Robin Day 1 - Teams in each PTI level will play in a round robin against three other teams in their division.
8) Scoring - Each line won counts as a point for your team.
9) Semifinals/Finals Day 2 - All teams will have at least one match on Sunday.
10) Championship - The top teams in each division will play for their title.

On Saturday, there will be a lunch for all players. Saturday night is party night with dinner and drinks for participants. Easily the best paddle party of the year! Make toasts to new friends and old. On Sunday, everyone gets at least one more match. Plan your flight or trip home for late in the day—no one wants to miss the championship.



Our team had a blast, start to finish. Back Side Babes, New Canaan, CT

It was great to bond with teammates as we strategized lineups and battled through extremely competitive matches, but it was just as fun getting to know our opponents and rooting for the other Baltimore teams. Baltimore Platform Team, Baltimore, MD

The Exmoor Club made us feel like we were on vacation in our own city! Biltmore Team, Barrington, IL

Team Yinzers came to Team Nationals with modest ambitions and rolled the competition on the way to a resounding victory. We look forward to defending our title in Chicago. Team Yinzers, Pittsburgh, PA

We took four D.C. teams to Nationals and had an amazing experience, with everyone agreeing it was our best paddle weekend this year. We even got to see an opponent throw his paddle out of the court into the nearby pond and have to go fish it back out to play his next match (which he won!). Washington Paddle Team #1-#4, Washington, D.C.

We would play Team Nationals again in a heartbeat. Great paddle, great new friends, and many laughs! Blair Witch Project, Lake Forest, IL

Sharing this experience was rewarding; everyone was there to enjoy the event, which shows how paddle players always put camaraderie before competition. Viking and Viking Annex, Long Island, NY

To wrap up: Lovely weekend. Awesome paddle. No stress. Never met one crabby player. Can’t wait for next year. Blitzin’ Babes, Fairfield County, CT

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