2023 APTA Cup Winners

March 24, 2023


Prize Money Awarded to Top 9

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The APTA Cup is the season-long race for $40,000 in prize money—$20,000 for men and $20,000 for women—paid out to four men and four women based on their best six results throughout the 2022-2023 APTA Tour events. The four Grand Prix (GP) tournaments carry twice the points weight of a non-GP tournament and Nationals carries twice the weight of a GP (or four times the weight of a non-GP tournament).

Men’s APTA Cup Top Four 2023 National Champions and all four Grand Prix winners Johan du Randt and Stephen Mitchell split the 1st and 2nd place prize money ($7,500 each) for the second season in a row. Nationals semifinalists Tyler Fraser and Adam Morgan had great results in many APTA Tour and Grand Prix events to land in 3rd place ($2,500 each).

Winner, Stephen Mitchell

Winner, Johan du Randt

3rd place, Tyler Fraser

3rd place, Adam Morgan

Women’s APTA Cup Top Four Florentina Hanisch and Ana Marija Zubori repeated as APTA Cup winners ($7,500 each) with three Grand Prix titles and as semifinalists at Nationals. In a three-way tie, earning $1, 667, Macie Medeiros grabbed 3rd place with a Nationals title and top 2 or 3 place at four APTA Tour events; the other 3rd placers were Roxy Enica and Gabriela Niculescu, finalists at Nationals, winners at Short Hills Grand Prix, and finalists at two other Grand Prix events. Congratulations to all the APTA Cup winners!

Winner, Ana Marija Zubori

Winner, Florentina Hanisch

3rd place, Macie Medeiros

3rd place, Gabriela Niculescu

3rd place, Roxy Enica

Photos by @garrisonblock

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