Get to Know Your APTA Board - Laura James

December 26, 2022


Laura James, Board Member


Home Club: Meadow Creek/Denver

Occupation: Platform Tennis Coordinator, Cross Court Solutions

Years of Service on the APTA Board: 1

Family members: Husband Ethan, sons Rob (26) and Brian (24)

Years Playing: 23

How did you get started playing platform tennis? Dad was a pro at the Paddle Tennis Center (Bob Callaway’s venture) in Norwalk, CT in the 1970s and Mom was a receptionist and paddle player herself. I was exposed to the sport then but didn’t get serious about the sport until the early 2000s.

Contribution to the APTA Board: On the Media Committee and Grants & Loans Committee

Contribution to the platform tennis community: Manage membership, league registration, and local social media content for paddle locations in Denver and Glenwood Springs. Promote paddle through the CPTA website and email blasts. Encourage players nationwide to consider a destination trip to play more paddle in Colorado through Social Director for Meadow Creek Paddle.

Favorite on-court moment: Waveny Cares charity mixed doubles tournament in New Canaan, CT, when all four players were laughing during a crazy point that should have ended way sooner than it did. Paddle is the only sport I’ve ever played when everyone is having fun during the heat of competition.

Service/work endeavors not paddle-related: This was my first year running the tournament desk of the Denver City Open tennis tournament. I loved the social interaction of getting to know players and fans alike and helping to bring another “community” together.

Final words about the sport and the APTA: I’m excited to help paddle thrive in Denver and the Mountain West and look forward to working with the APTA to keep introducing new players to the sport we all love.

What would be your “walk-on” song: “Right Now” by Van Halen

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