Get to Know Your APTA Board - Mandy Newell

November 30, 2022


Mandy Newell, Board Member

Home Club: Shadow Lake Golf & Racquet Club, Rochester, NY

Occupation: I run the Rochester Partners League and the Shadow Lake paddle program

Years of Service on the APTA Board: 1

Family members: Husband John, daughters Avery (6) and Reese (4), and son Jordan (2)

2022-how-Newell family-600 

Years Playing: I grew up around the courts! I joined the league after college.

How did you get started playing platform tennis? It is mandatory as an Odenbach to pick up a paddle as early as possible.

Contribution to the APTA Board: I am on the newly re-formed League Committee, with a ’specialty’ in partner leagues.

Contribution to the platform tennis community: Running beginner clinics in Rochester

Favorite tournament: Cleveland Rocks!

Work endeavors not platform tennis-related: I have a very small apparel printing side hustle.

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Final words about the sport and the APTA: I am honored to be on the APTA Board and play a sport that allows me to still play with both of my parents in tournaments this year!

What would be your “walk-on” song: “Problems” by A$AP Rocky

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