Quick Fire Qs With Some of Our Favorite Top 20 Players

November 8, 2022


Favorite Meal

Drew Broderick - Surf and Turf
Drew Broderick1-340

Graham McNerney - Korean BBQ

Stephen Mitchell - Filet Mignon
Stephen Mitchell-340

Filip Rams - Chicken Parmesan and Tiramisu (you cannot not have dessert)

Macie Medeiros - I could eat pizza for every meal every single day
Macie Elliott-340

Jessica Guyaux - Mike and Ikes

Gabi Niculescu - Gyro and Spanakopita
Gabi Niculescu-340

Jolene Sutter - Pasta with Vodka Sauce and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Ana Zubori - Sushi

One Weird Thing in Your Home

Graham - I collect mechanical keyboards so tons of keyboards, keycaps and desk mats lying about
Graham McNerney-340

Filip - Dead succulents in a closet
Filip Rams-340

Stephen - There are 3 weird things and their names are Aidan, Camilla, and Graham

Jessica - I have a commercial step mill in my front entryway

Gabi - We play tennis in the house and get a kick out of hitting different furniture with the ball

Ana - 12 bottles of gin (people know that gin is my social drink so they keep bringing it but I rarely drink so now it’s accumulating)
Ana Zubori-340


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