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March 1, 2023

Remedy+ Spokespeople Florentina + Ana Are Energy

Remedy+ is the lead sponsor of the APTA Tour. The company produces plant-based energy and recovery products—The Bar, The Shot, The Rub, The Cap, and The Drop—that can be helpful during long matches and multi-day tournaments. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Remedy+ CEO Tom Kurz, as he eagerly awaited the Boston Open Grand Prix women’s final between Florentina Hanisch/Ana Marija Zubori and Alison Morgan/Charlotte Sikora.


Five Ways the Team and the Brand Connect According to CEO Tom Kurz

  1. What I love about Florentina and Ana and their association with us is that they truly love the Remedy+ offerings. They use the products and use them with purpose. Before the matches kick off, they're both eating protein bars, drinking the energy Shots, and they're into it.

  2. They have this real joy of working together as teammates. They are supportive and mutually uplifting through every point, win or lose. That is how we run our organization as well. We drive, drive, drive and we have a definitive destination.

  3. Flor and Ana are bubbly and energetic, you see their enthusiasm on and off the court. They are excited to be there. We are a performance brand. Our goal is to manufacture products that support people who don’t want to give up. We want to be here, there, and everywhere.

  4. Some people say Flor and Ana have morphed into one despite their distinct personalities. I would say they have such balance, that their individual strengths have become seamless. As doubles partners, they recognize and harness each other’s strengths, allowing them as a team to perform at the highest level, higher than they would individually. Likewise, our products help balance, giving you what you need so you can perform at the highest level.

  5. When they first paired up, Flor and Ana said, ‘Let’s see where this all goes and how far we can take this.’ I believe, aside from the effectiveness of the products, Remedy+ appealed to them for the same reason. We weren’t looking to work with them for one season or the short term. We wanted to build something meaningful and long-lasting. It’s the same way we feel about our relationship with the APTA Tour. Let’s work together and see how far we can go.

(NOTE: Hanisch/Zubori won in three sets.)


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