The PTI Guy

December 1, 2022

Going Deep into the Platform Tennis Index

Demain Johnston

APTA Board Member Demian Johnston is a data nerd beyond all repair. He believes in and encourages the transparency of shared data, “not only for the benefit of APTA members nationwide but because the transparency helps improve the data quality of the match data on which the PTI ratings are calculated.”

Johnston created The PTI Guy YouTube series as a passionate enthusiast, independent of the APTA. "First, I don't want the APTA to have another obligation; the PTI Algorithm Committee has a full plate. Second, I'm a novice doing this on zero budget. Third, I fear a lot of the criticisms of PTI are based on misunderstandings or misconceptions. I want to address those as an enthusiast, not as some sort of advocate. As long as the reception to the videos is constructive, I'll probably keep making them. I can even imagine a set of videos that get a little edgy. I think we all know some players who take some of this stuff too seriously."

Johnston is cautiously optimistic: "The reception to the introduction of PTI has been overwhelming. Clearly, players are paying attention. Most of the response has been curiosity and encouragement. But many people have expressed criticism and concern about how PTI is used on their teams, at their clubs, and in their leagues. Many of the criticisms are reasonable, but there are occasionally some strong egos that don't like a number next to their name. The PTI system is meant to help league administrators and tournament directors have an objective measure of match performance. With that, they can organize divisions, teams, guidelines, and events to provide a variety of competitive matches to a wider range of ability levels."

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Johnston is especially excited to see PTI as a tool that is being used to bring the tournament experience to intermediate and beginner players. "Traditionally most tournaments have focused on nationally ranked players and the top league players. Too often intermediate and beginner players shy away from participating in tournaments for fear of not being good enough. Nobody enjoys a 6-0, 6-0 match. It's exciting to see Turbo Paddle in Chicago, the Summit Series in New Jersey, Crest Hollow CC tournaments in Long Island, and an increasing number of mini tournaments popping up across the country based on PTI numbers, up into the 65s."

Each of the first four PTI Guy videos ends with these words of wisdom: "Remember PTI is a reflection of performance, not a goal. The goal is to enjoy the great game of platform tennis."

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