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Caldwell & Cosimano Win the Philly Mens, Doten & Keane Win the Women's

FEBRUARY 23, 2009

Marvin and Palmer LogoFor the third consecutive year, David Marvin and Marvin and Palmer Associates, Inc. put their money where their heart is in getting the best platform tennis players in the country to Philadelphia to compete in the Philadelphia Open. David, a long time paddle enthusiast, has been supporting the Philadelphia area paddle community for many years--much to the appreciation of many platform tennis players and fans. This year, the draw was limited to 48 men’s teams and 32 women’s teams and featured many of the top 25 teams gearing up for the Nationals in Cincinnati.

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Wilmington Women Know What This Sport's All About

2009 Wilmington Women LogoBETSY PINSKY
FEBRUARY 6, 2009

The 2009 Wilmington Women's Open, played on January 30th, really captured the essence of our sport. There were 32 highly competitive teams ( the largest draw ever for this 1-day event) and the excellent play was rivaled only by the excellent social festivity. There were players from Connecticut, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. A warm fire, comfortable sofas, Aussie Open on a large flat screen, great food and bountiful libations all blended seamlessly to form this years most athletic cocktail party.

To reserve your spot next year e-mail Betsy Pinsky: R.B.PINSKY@COMCAST.NET

2009 Wilmington Women Final  2009 Wilmington Women Photo

2009 Pennsylvania States

JANUARY 14, 2009

Men's Draw   Women's Draw

The 2009 PA States was held on January 12th and 13th. The tournament was comprised of 60 Men’s and 40 Women’s teams from throughout Region 3, and also included a few entries from other regions. It was hosted by Andy Sorrentino at Aronimink Golf Club in Newtown Square, PA. The highlight of the tournament was once again the spectacular party at Aronimink Golf Club where the men this year donned their finest jackets and ties.

Aronimink Golf ClubThere were a considerable number of players and spectators who wanted to see a rematch of the areas two top teams, the #1 seeded team of Scott Falatek (Martins Dam) and Todd Marvin (Greenville) and the #2 seeded and twelve time tournament champion team of Tim McAvoy (Waynesborough) and John Stefanik (Aronimink). The #3 seed was awarded to the veteran duo of Andrew Hocker (Philly Country) and Steve Reininger (Whitford) with the #4 seed, the newly formed team of Bruce Redpath (Philly Cricket) and Vlatko Najdek (Waynesborough).

Although, there were tough matches played throughout Saturday, no one could knock off the top four seeds before the party at Aronimink began on Saturday night, setting up for some exciting semi-final matches to be played Sunday morning, with the main concern that the finals were to be finished before the Eagles vs. Giants kick-off (Eagles won by the way).

In one semi-final, the team of Falatek and Marvin showed why they have only lost one match in the region in two years, as they won in straight sets over Hocker and Reininger. Surely, both of these teams should be a shoe in for the president’s cup team this year. On the other court, team McAvoy and Stefanik faced a much steeper uphill climb in their eventual win as they were forced into a three setter with Redpath and Najdek, winning the third by a score of 6-4. It appeared from the spectators view point that this third setter forced the McAvoy/ Stefanik team to expend a significant amount of energy to be declared the victors.

This set up a rematch of last year’s finals and one that most of the spectators wanted to see between the hottest team in PA (Falatek/Marvin) versus the team with the most win’s in the history of the tournament (McAvoy/Stefanik). Although, the spectators were not disappointed in the level of play and saw some of the most acrobatic shots being performed on a paddle court, the McAvoy/Stefanik team did not appear to have enough game or energy in their 16th consecutive final of this event and the Championship was bestowed upon team Falatek and Marvin by the score of 6-4, 6-3. Revenge was sweet for the Falatek and Marvin team as they lost last year by a score of 0 & 3.

In the A consolation, Picket Post’s Jack Stanton and Scott Smith defeated Greenville’s Dana Walker and Mark Centrella. In the AR consolation, Michael Hino (Aronimink) and Gorab defeated Philly Country’s Greg Clower and Cole Collier. In the B consolation, the Waynesborough duo of Steve Beers and Keith Studnick defeated Wallingford’s Bill Horne and Jeff Shrager and in the round of 16's consolation, Merion’s team of Jeff Lyon and Pascal Collard defeated a Martins Dam team comprised of Captain Dan Greenwood and Greg Frigerio.

The women’s side set up similarly to the men, as the top 4 seeds all advanced to the Semi-final round that was played late on Saturday afternoon. Straight sets seemed to be the theme as #1 seed Cooey Lyon (Merion) and Laurie Hissey (Vic Mead) defeated Cindy Prendergast and Milbrey Jacobs, and in a repeat of last year, #2 seed Leila Safford and Andrea Dutton once again defeated the # 4 seed of Denise Studnick (Waynesborough) and Nina Sando (Overbrook).

Sunday was a showdown of #1 vs. #2. Lyon/Hissey came out firing and never looked back. After taking the first set 6-1, they really put the pedal to the metal and shut out Dutton/ Safford in the second. Congrats to Cooey Lyon and Laurie Hissey for defending their ’08 title!

In the A consolation, Ginger Lewis and Helen Mashek defeated Carolyn Howrey and Vicky Heustis. In the AR consolation Louise Dardaris and Anne Fischer defeated Laurie O’Leary and Karen Stahl. In the B consolation, Kori Lannon and Katie Cassese defeated Gwen Carpenter and Jill Long and in the quarter-final play-off, Jeanne Craft and Sallie Ketchum defeated Jane Wasilov and Mary Joe Williams. In the quarter-final reprieve, Betsy Pinsky and Sue Pijawka defeated Debbie Holschneider and Wong. In the women’s preliminary reprieve, Pam Jacobs and Laura Peterson defeated Doreen Conners and Jeanne Castafero.

Special thanks goes out to Andy Sorrentino for running once again an awesome event, all of the sponsors that made for a great party and great favors and the 10 area clubs that participated through providing courts for the 100 teams throughout the weekend.

On-the-Spot Coverage of the Dec 13th Mid-Atlantic Men's PCQ

DECEMBER 23, 2008

Mid Atlantic 2008 FinalistsAfter days of cold pelting rain, a perfect crisp and sunny paddle day greeted the 32 teams from throughout region III who entered in the Mid-Atlantic championship on December 13th, once gain elegantly hosted by the Chevy Chase Club, tournament coordinator Art Garrett and his very helpful and friendly committee. The top seeds were accorded the boys from Philadelphia, with Bruce Redpath and Vlatko Najdek seeded #1 while brother Peter Redpath and John Stefanik were seeded #2.

Paddle is alive and well in the greater Washington area with many recently post graduate tennis players being lured into THE racket sport. The early rounds are true to form with the exception of veteran paddlers from Baltimore Tad Spellman and Bullard falling in a hard fought three setter to two of the aforementioned recently post graduate tennis converts – former University of Virginia teammates Tommy Croker and Huntley Montgomery.  Fourth seeded Simon Peppiatt and Andy Sorrentino lose to Gumbinner and Brooke in a round of sixteen three-setter.

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MAPTA Men's Charities 2008

NOVEMBER 30, 2008

The MAPTA Men's Charities took place on Saturday, November 15 and on an unexpected Sunday morning, November 16.

In what can only be described as an incredible weather day, where the temperatures during the afternoon topped over 70 degrees only to be followed by a cold snap which featured thunderstorm warnings, pelting rain and winds over 20 miles per hour, the MAPTA Charities event could only be considered a success. Last year’s experiment of having different dates for the men’s and ladies event was abandoned as both got to experience the less than ideal paddle conditions together. This is a non PCQ event for the men and therefore is a more laid back tournament that draws players from all abilities.

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2008 DE States Paddle Tennis Championships

NOVEMBER 17, 2008

Greenville Country Club Small 40 players participated on November 8, 2008 in the Delaware State Paddle Tennis Championships at Greenville Country Club. Teams from Western PA, Maryland, Philadelphia and Delaware played through some challenging early AM weather and enjoyed a very competitive PCQ tournament. The Greenville Tennis staff hosted a full day of great paddle, favors/prizes, food and drink for all the players at one of our sport’s finest Paddle Huts.

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