Canadian Rivalry Wrap-Up

January 11, 2022
Etobicoke, ON, Canada

In the latest issue of Platform Tennis Magazine, a foursome from Kingsway Platform Tennis Club in Toronto told us about their unique way to combat Covid-19 weariness—a head-to-head count of sets won for an entire year. Read the article here. The magazine went to press before the rivalry formally ended.

Author Carey Low writes: “Well, the battle royale has finished for 2021 and it has a very Canadian ending. We managed to play another 12 sets with the final match being played Dec 19th. Coming into the final week, Mike Page/Carey Low were still down by two sets. We agreed to play three sets to settle the matter. In dramatic fashion, the first two sets went to Page/Low to tie things up. The third set went to Scott Calderwood/Tim Hunter, which should have decided it, but in true gentlemanly style, they offered us one more set to try to tie it up and push the battle into 2022. Page/Low persevered and the year-end score sits at 114 to 114. We have decided to hash it all out over some red wine and a steak dinner in January. We will spin the racquet and whoever calls it, wins the year!”

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