Region VI News 2008-2009

Norcal Mixed Open

FEBRUARY 16, 2009

2009 Norcal FinalistsA couple weeks after hosting the highly successful Men's and Women's Invitational, Lagunitas CC was at it again - this time as the host of the 2009 Norcal Mixed tournament, played Saturday, February 7. 12 teams enjoyed a perfect day for paddle and battled it out under California blue skies. 2009 winners were Tom Mayes and his partner Sarah Lardner who defeated Wendy Shpiz and Mark Puckett in 3 well contested sets. Consolation prizes went to Tori and George Eichleay who defeated Tim and Lisa Kemp.

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Colorado Men's Open Results

FEBRUARY 11, 2009

Men's Open

Derek Fisher/Matt Assini
Brad Talbot/Bill Woodman
Chuck Roosevelt/Matt Kranich
Bob Ziegenhagen/Curt Corrigan
Dan Magee/Ed Hays
Tom Houlihan/John Fasullo
Randy Swenson/Ken Fleck
Derek Bond/Dan Washburne
Jeff Sandoval/Tom Wessel
John Fox/Cary Hodges

  Winners Runners Up Score
Main Draw Houlihan/Fasullo Assini/Fisher 7-5,6-4
3rd Place Fox/Hodges Magee/Hays 7-5,6-2
Consolation Ziegenhagen/Corrigan Talbot/Woodman 6-0,6-4
Last Chance Swenson/Fleck Sandoval/Wessel 6-2,6-4

Men's "A"

Art Thomson/Bing Swanson
Dan Lewis/Jason Colter
Buck Dominick/Craig Emerson
Ben Burke/Tom Hertzberg
Brad Droy/Eric Volz
Don Gifford/Garret Gifford
David Murray/Pete Walters
Kent Lemon/Scott Ripley
Barry Woods/Rick Dominick
Bill Bangs/Coley Hoffman
Mike Small/Chris Bowman
Jack Koo/Galen Blackburn
Dan Trujillo/Mike Donnelly
Dave VonGunten/Dan Magill

  Winners Runners Up Score
Main Draw Thomson/Swanson Small/Bowman 6-2,6-1
3rd Place Burke/Hertzburg Koo/Blackburn 6-4,3-6,10-5
Consolation Lewis/Colter Bangs/Hoffman 6-2,6-1
Reprieve  B.Dominick/emerson VonGunten/Magill 6-0,7-6
Last Chance: Droy/Volz Murray/Walters withdrawal

2009 Lagunitas Women's and Men's NRT, PCQ

JANUARY 27, 2009

Ross CA Map


The Lagunitas Country Club in Ross California, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from SanFrancisco, in Marin County, has for years been the home of the Lagunitas Men's and Women's platform tennis tournament. Each year dedicated players from eastern regions make the trek westward to share the weekend with local players.
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