After the Rain Falls, A Charlotte Clinic Shines On

Zen Mottershead
November 10, 2014
Charlotte, NC

Despite the terrible weather, with rain and temperatures in the 40s to start the day, the clinics that were held were well attended. (The first 3 one hour clinics were cancelled due to weather.) It finally stopped raining and we were able to hold four one-hour clinics from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and 37 people attended. At the first clinic, we had five of our regular junior players come out. The 5:00 PM exhibition had 40 people watching. I have had quite a few members come up to me this week and tell me how much they learned in the clinic and how amazed they were with the level play in the exhibition.

Charleston 2014 1Charleston 2014 2Charleston 2014 3Charleston 2014 4

The APTA sends out a great big thank you to Martin Bostrom, Scott Falatek, Javier Ferrin, and Mark Fischl, for their good cheer and enthusiasm, to the players who came out and took it all in, and to the loyal followers who watched the pros show off their good stuff. Thanks go to Zen Mottershead and his staff for putting on the clinic, and finally, to Viking for sponsoring these clinics that open up the game to new and veteran players.

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All images provided by Kinsey Pate. See all of Kinsey's images on the slideshow below.

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