APTA Men's PTI 35+ Nationals

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National Championship Hosted in Region II

APTA Men's PTI 35+ National Championships

APTA Tournament FAQ

Date:  Saturday, April 1, 2023
Locations:  Norwalk, CT
Shorehaven Golf Club - (Host)
Contact:  Jeff Kong

Abe Kane
Entry: APTA Online Entry
  Full APTA membership is required for all National Championships.  Membership may be purchased during tournament entry.
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Entry Fee: $210 per team
Entry Deadline: March 18, 2023
Draw Size:  32 teams
Both players must have PTIs above the stated threshold. Teams are guaranteed entry on a first come, first serve basis if the combined team PTI is less than 20 points greater than 2x the stated threshold (i.e.; for the Women’s PTI 40+, a team is guaranteed entry if the team’s combined PTI is less than 100 or 2x40 + 20). These teams will be moved off the initial waitlist once eligibility is confirmed. If a teams combined PTI is greater than 2x the threshold plus 20 points, they would remain on the waitlist and be admitted on a space available basis ranked by best team/combined PTI.

1-day tournaments (with a draw size greater than eight teams): the following shortened match format should be used for all PTI Nationals: 1. No-ad/doube deuce scoring; (deciding point on second deuce, receivers choice) 2. third set match tiebreaker for all matches except finals 3. 2 out of 3 set regular scoring for finals

2-day tournaments: 2 out of 3 set regular scoring for all matches.

Details: Entry fee includes a favor, food truck on site, beer, snacks, soft drinks

For purposes of registration/eligibility, an individual's PTI must be above the stated threshold at any time between the opening and closing of registration. For example, If you are a 15 when you register for the Men’s PTI 15+ National Championship and subsequently your PTI goes below a 15 you are still eligible to play in the 15+ tournament.
  Official APTA rules will govern play.

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