Canadian Open 2023 -We’re Baaaaaaack!

April 17, 2023
Toronto, ON, Canada

Tournament Director Suzanne Lanthier writes: The 2023 Canadian Open—held over the weekend of April 15-16 at the Kingsway Platform Tennis Club (KPTC) in Toronto—was one of the highest attended (players and spectators) events in recent memory. After three years of COVID shutdown, it was an AMAZING sight to see this event come back to life…in a big, big way.

The weather was incredible, the “Hill” was hopping, the beers were flowing, and the camaraderie was as Canadian as you can get.

Stats: 92 paddlers across 3 draws from Toronto, Fonthill, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Rochester played 80 matches on 5 courts over 18 total hours.

But the celebrations extended beyond the fabulous play on the courts.

On Saturday afternoon, play stopped briefly at 3 PM and Dave Gallagher—one of the founding members of the Kingsway Platform Tennis Club—was honoured with the first Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony that welcomed back current and former KPTC Presidents – Chris Sabine, Brad McIlroy, Carey Low, Suzanne Lanthier, Greg Hughes, Lach MacLachlan, and Spencer Lanthier. It was an honour to have many former champions and long-time members at the ceremony including Barb Ferguson. Barb and her husband Don are credited with bringing paddle to Toronto and hosted many tournaments on their backyard court before the KPTC was built on its current site in the early 70s. Bill and Barry “the coach” Noble, another founding family, joined via Facetime from the west coast.

Dave, still playing weekly at 87, was recognized for his contribution to the sport, the club, and the community. In addition to being one of the founding members of the club, Dave has served as the Club President and has his name engraved on multiple national championship trophies. He is a true ambassador of the sport and a friend and mentor to new and veteran players. It was easy to see why the members unanimously voted to have Dave named as the first recipient of this award.

Back to the tourney…

Special thanks to the following people for helping to make the day a success, starting with the amazing Paul Stulac, Terry Snatinsky, John Lanthier, and the many cleaner-uppers/garbage haulers/cooler packers/kitchen helpers who assisted along the way.

A “we couldn’t do it without you” shout-out to our sponsors: Master Athletics, Spirit of York Distilleries, and Moosehead Beer. Special thanks to the porta-potty gods who made a special Saturday morning delivery!

Last but not least, thanks to all paddlers, especially those who travelled from outside of Toronto. We had a blast and hope you did too. Thank you for coming.

The APTA thanks Tournament Director Suzanne Lanthier, the Kingsway Platform Tennis Club, the volunteers, and all the players for making this a wonderful international event.

Mens Open

Main Draw: Tyler Fraser/Luke White (Cincinnati) def. Adam Lis/Chris Sabine (Toronto)
Quarter Reprieve: Graham Parlin/Scott Holzapfel (Cincinnati) def. Kent Crossland/Olivier Guillaume (Toronto)
Consolation: Daw/Sparky (Toronto) def. Noah Seidenberg/Terry Babb (Chicago)
DFL: John Humphries/Marc Pilote (Fonthill) DEF

Womens Open
Main Draw: Hillarie Parinello/Amanda Siebert (Rochester) def. Rita Kladstrup/Mandy Newell (Rochester)
Quarter Reprieve: Wendy Gauthier/Nicole Pilote (Fonthill) def. Sandi Harrop/Heather McKay (Toronto)
Consolation: Jennifer Manson/Carla Majcenic (Toronto) def. Linda Buzdin/Maria Pelliccia (Toronto)
DFL: Eva Bil/Joanna Picton def. Carol Erdelyi/Sue Kelly (Toronto)

Men’s B
Main Draw: Corey Myckan/Dave Staples (Toronto) def. Matt Cade/Mark Harrop (Toronto)
Quarter Reprieve: Brian Majcenic (Toronto)/Dave Sakmyster (Rochester) DEF
Consolation: Kerry Davie/Ernest Ippolito (Toronto) def. Levi Hedrick/Robert LeBlanc (Toronto)
DFL: Scott Rogers/Greg Mortson (Toronto) def. Kevin Deonarine (Toronto-B&R)/Dundee Staunton (Toronto)

Congratulations to the Canadian Open Men's A Winners Tyler Fraser and Luke White!

2023 Canadian Mens A-500

L to R Winners Tyler Fraser/Luke White Finalists Adam Lis/Chris Sabine

Congratulations to the Canadian Open Men's B Winners Corey Myckan and Dave Staples!

2023 Canadian Mens B-500

L to R Finalists Matt Cade/Mark Harrop Winners Corey Myckan/Dave Staples

Congratulations to the Canadian Open Women's Winners Hillarie Parinello and Amanda Siebert!

2023 Canadian Womens A-finalists-500

L to R Winners Amanda Siebert/Hillarie Parinello Finalists Rita Kladstrup/Mandy Newell

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