Southerners Have Fun Playing in Northern Style Snow

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FEBRUARY 3, 2010

Southern Style HeatersS. I. Participants and Friends,

We have a CHAMPION!! Greg Archer and Jon Janda, both of Chapel Hill, NC, were crowned champions of the 9th Annual Southern Invitational held in Winston-Salem, NC. Both Greg and Jon braved the elements to defeat Winston-Salem natives, Jimbo Galloway & Sid Hanes in the finals 6-1, 6-3.

The tournament was highlighted by a huge winter storm that blanketed the city with seven or so inches of fresh powder. Due to the storm, Saturday was a day of reflection of the previous night's Strategy Social, the consumption hot Krispy Kreme's, a few adult beverages and a new crowd favorite....B&G Pies!!! (The chocolate ones are my new favorite.) The Champion's Paddle Party was a lively one, because of the snow and rampant cabin fever! There was plenty of outstanding food provided by our local party hosts and the snow covered beers looked like a Coors Lite commercial.

A determined group of participants, court maintenance staff, club managers and paddle enthusiasts all pitched in to help save the tournament from the winter blast. The Southern style heated courts were unveiled Sunday morning for tournament play. Ahhhh, Southern paddle at 17 degrees! We were surprised to find that the balls do bounce at that temperature. As the courts were in full swing, onlookers enjoyed hangin' by the fire pits and enjoying each other's company.

Around 5pm a new champion was crowned and Southern Invitational Hall of Fame Points were handed out!

Champions Greg Archer & Jon Janda 6 points
Finalists Jimbo Galloway & Sid Hanes 5 points
3rd Place Alex Whaling & Matt Wilson 4 points
4th Place Jeff Archer & Rich Green 3 points
5th Place Ed McKee & Adam Thomson 2 points
6th Place Tom Breese & Perry Clark 1 point

Complete Draw

2010 Southern Invitationsl Slide Show

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