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APTA Nationals 2008


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Tennis Channel Open from Los Vegas


Starting a Club by Anne M. Connor 

Eileen Goode tells Anne Connor how she started a platform tennis club in Madison Wisconsin. More

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Instruction: Paddle 101

Paul Wallack, of the Huntington Y in Long Island, offers a set of tips he developed for new and inexperienced players. But even seasoned players can benefit from these practical reminders. More

A is for Anxiety

Ever wonder if anyone else is so nervous before competition that their heart feels like it is going to jump out of their chest? Do you wonder if others feel like their hands are shaking so much that there is no way they can serve? This article discusses ways to regain control of your body and your mind so that you can perform your best. More

B is for Building your Mindset

Many people go through life rarely acknowledging the influence their mind has on everything they do. Whether it's pulling yourself out of bed in the morning, focusing at work, or playing hard in matches, your mind can have a huge impact on your ultimate success. More

C is for Creating Confidence

Muhammad Ali used to proclaim “I am the greatest!” before he actually was. This confident attitude was definitely a factor in his becoming one of the best. If you think back to matches you have played, you can undoubtedly come up with examples when confidence in your abilities helped you to beat an opponent or when lack of confidence caused you to lose to a team you shouldn’t have. Through this article your will learn how to create a confident attitude through choice, trust, and focus. More

D is for Dedication

Paddle is just a hobby, right? It’s just something you do to get fresh air, meet people, and maybe to get out of the house. The problem is, when you treat it as a hobby, it’s hard to then expect to play your best. Anyone looking to perform to their potential needs to be dedicated to their sport. This article is for team captains and individuals who want to take their performance to the next level. More

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Licensed to Drive

A lot of players view the lob as a utility shot -- a way to stay in the point until the opportunity to drive the ball presents itself. The fact is that most drivable balls come from a well-constructed lob and and an offensive shift by the back-court team. More

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Sodium Requirements before and during a Platform Tennis Match

According to the American College of Sport Science, it is recommended that players consume .08 grams of sodium 2 hours prior to the match. That's three 20 oz. Gatorades or 1/3 of a teaspoon of salt.  More

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The Platform Tennis Overhead and a Healthy Shoulder

If a paddle player begins to experience pain with overhead activity, the player should stop the activity that is causing the discomfort and seek orthopaedic care.  More

Mental Training
ACE Mental Training

A: Attitude and Attention
C: Confidence
E: Energy Management More

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The Comics


Mr. Superstitious
Mr Superstitious


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Ode to the Injured


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Present Perfect


Revisionist History


Survey of Top 100 Players


Paddle Idioms
Paddle Idioms


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The Color Purple


The Excuses


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The Toss


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